Docs, Docs, Goose. Tag: You Are It...

¡Happy Birthday Docs, Docs, Goose. Tag: You Are It...!

One of the most special components of the festival turns 10 years old. We invite you to celebrate with Canuto the first decade of life of a space that seeks to collaborate in the creation of new audiences and with the exercise of the informative and cultural rights of Mexican children: your rights.

In Docs, Docs, Goose. Tag: You Are It you will find quality audiovisual content suitable for your age and you will be able to participate in entertaining workshops that will bring you closer to different documentary narratives. You will also be able to get involved in audiovisual production in a fun way and from a rights-based approach so you can get to know yourself better and, above all, get to know children like you better.

A decade of life deserves an unforgettable celebration, so don't miss out on what we have prepared for you!