The Heroic Puebla de Zaragoza, is a city known for ceramics and epic battles in the month of May. The Angelópolis, the City of Angels, will witness another edition of DocsPuebla, a space dedicated to documentary film which seeks to decentralize culture and professionalize the Mexican film industry while spreading the best of Mexican and international film. The third edition of DocsPuebla will take place from April 8th-13th, taking of over the local screens, streets and venues.
programacion, docspuebla, robar a rodin, abril 2019
Robar a Rodin
programacion, docspuebla, luz estrellas, abril 2019
En la luz de las estrellas
programacion, docspuebla, huellas esperanza, abril 2019
Huellas de esperanza
programacion, docspuebla, jornaleros mexicanos, abril 2019
Jornaleros mexicanos en Canadá
programacion, docspuebla, batalla volcan, abril 2019
La batalla del volcán
programacion, docspuebla, lejos sentido, abril 2019
Lejos del sentido
programacion, docspuebla, mi hermano, abril 2019
Mi hermano
programacion, docspuebla, patrimonio, abril 2019
programacion, docspuebla, vatreni, abril 2019
programacion, docspuebla, contrapelota, abril 2019
programacion, docspuebla, café desierto, abril 2019
El café del desierto
programacion, docspuebla, nuevo presidente, abril 2019
Nuestro nuevo presidente
programacion, docspuebla, chak llk, abril 2019
Chak llk’
programacion, docspuebla, omnipresente, abril 2019
programacion, docspuebla, xolotl, abril 2019
Xólotl: la magia en México
programacion, docspuebla, francisco mata, abril 2019
Grandes series, grandes fotógrafos: Francisco Mata
programacion, docspuebla, mito, abril 2019
programacion, docspuebla, américa armada, abril 2019
América armada

Mx Platform

Mx Platform is an incubator which travels all over the country throughout the year. It is an incubator with regional workshops focused on works in progress, guidance for competitions and ultimately direction into the Mexican and international film industry. A platform which provides support and encouragement for all its participants and in just a short amount of time has transformed into a benchmark for documentary film production.
Selected Projects
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DocsPuebla Challenge

Do you like challenges? Are you capable of accepting a challenge? Once again, the city of Los Angeles will witness another edition of the most important documentary creation in Latin America. Young local talent will put their creative capacity to a test to produce, film and edit a short film in 100 hours. DocsPuebla Challenge celebrates its 4th year, four years of sharing stories in the grand Angelópolis.


programacion, docspuebla, mito, abril 2019
Global Docs
programacion, docspuebla, lejos sentido, abril 2019
Hecho en México
programacion, docspuebla, chak llk, abril 2019
Fragmentos universitarios
equipos seleccionados, reto docspuebla, hora sale sol, abril 2019
Reto DocsPuebla

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