Hasta encontrarnos

Memories in Resistance

In Mexico, every day, hundreds of women, and men go out in search of their daughters, their sons, their sisters, and brothers; they go out in search of their disappeared. Hundreds of women and men who refuse to forget their loved ones, who fight, who resist.

The forensic crisis is a lacerating reality in our country, a complex problem of which we are all a part; of which we must all take care. We must join forces, build initiatives with scientific and technical bases, but without ceasing to be empathetic, supportive, communitarian; to understand that each figure represents a life, a human being. We have to make this issue even more visible, to inform ourselves, to sensitize ourselves; to stop normalizing violence and the disappearance of people.

Documentary cinema has the potential to transform realities, to generate impact; it has the power to make us reflect, to mobilize us; cinema is a fundamental tool to know, recognize and support the work done by the mothers, the collectives, the families of the disappeared in Mexico; a repository to recover and preserve our memory, our culture, our resilience.

Therefore, we seek, through non-fiction documentary, to accompany the thousands of people affected by this unprecedented forensic crisis, to amplify their voices, to honor their strength, resilience and perseverance; we seek that more people, inside and outside our borders, know and have a more human vision of their stories, of their lives; we seek to show that love is greater than injustice.

Thus, with the support of GIZ México "Hasta encontrarnos" was born: an initiative that arises within the framework of Human Identification Mx, the platform to provide information on this issue created by UN-DH Mexico, the ONU-DH México, the Comité Internacional de la Cruz Roja and the Fortalecimiento del Estado de Derecho FED-GIZ program.

An initiative that, hand in hand with the documentary and through a series composed of six chapters, will accompany the testimonies, experiences and work of activists, filmmakers, specialists and relatives of disappeared persons ... until we find ourselves.

An initiative that, from October 7th to 12th, will present ten films that invite reflection and dialogue. Eleven films that you can watch for free on our platform docs-enlinea.com.