Not only DocsMX provide a space to screen films but also a support to create documentaries. The films are indispensable to project what is happening in our city, to get to know our citizens, their customs and stories. DocsMX Challenge is truly a creative, imaginative and technical challenge. Five teams must film, produce and edit a ten-minute short in 100 hours. DocsMX will provide the equipment and the participants their talent.
Original title Bandera

Mexico | 2019 | 120 min

Director Mario Orozco Fernández
Photographer Israel Romero Ramírez
Sound Raúl Flores Bernal
Director's assistant David Pérez Beltrán

Between 20 de Noviembre and Pino Suarez streets we can find the store Estandartes y Banderas, it has 40 years making flags. Since Alfonso Rodríguez was young, he has been making flags, some of them for the Mexican government, but now, the flags that are being made in China has put this family business in trouble.

Wednesday 16 | 20:00 | Jardín Juárez*

Original title Corazones de Tlaquepaque

Tlaquepaque’s hearts
Mexico | 2019 | 120 min

Director Jesús «Tlakuache» Curiel
Photographer Karen Benavides
Editor Elkjaer Gilbón y Karla Como
Screenplay Karla Como y Jesús «Tlakuache» Curiel
Sound Elkjaer Gilbón
Production assistant Armando Rivera
Music Ricardo Quiroz

Eva has been the waitress of the Portals of Tlaquepaque for more than 20 years. She became an icon of this cantina in Mexico City’s downtown because of her unique personality and her singing. Despite such fame, their days at work are numbered, it is time to give a chance to her peers to leave part of their hearts in the memory of those who visit the place.

Wednesday 16 | 20:00 | Jardín Juárez*

Original title Gatos Palacio

Palace cats
Mexico | 2019 | 120 min

Director Joel G. Neri
Producer Pia Naj
Photographer Alina Darlenn
Post-producer Henry Gómez
SoundHenry Gómez

In the gardens of National Palace live Mamá gato, Papá gato, Carousel, Bombonetes, La tía gorda, Spirulino, Calpurina, Princesa and Panda. These cats make a balance between the chaos in México’s city downtown and Mexican president’s work place; they respect and protect the walls of this world heritage site in exchange for being loved in their own way.

Wednesday 16 | 20:00 | Jardín Juárez*

Original title El día que comencé a morir cada noche

The day I started to die every night
Mexico | 2019 | 120 min

Director Gabriel Olvera Ramos
Producer Gustavo Márquez Tapia
Photographer Benjamín Romero Aragón
Sound and music Oscar Morales Juárez
Production assistant Alan Lael Ornelas Mendieta

The drag culture continues in a constant struggle, since it was not accepted but yet commercialized in recent years. This is the story of a theater where drag was the emblem of a subculture of the LGBTTTI community and it is closed.

Wednesday 16 | 20:00 | Jardín Juárez*

Original title Ojos invisibles

Invisible Eyes
Mexico | 2019 | 120 min

Director María Teresa Ocádiz
Producer Sebastián Bulla
Editor Israel Fernández
Director’s assistant Miguel Andrés Lam
Sound Alán Valdés

September 19th is the date of the most recent and terrible earthquakes in Mexico City. Both had shown the best and worst of Mexicans. And those who know the feelings, euphoria and fear that have been experienced on this date are the eyes of those who go unnoticed to the rest of the population, the only ones who often have the answers: informal workers of Mexico City’s downtown.

Wednesday 16 | 20:00 | Jardín Juárez*