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Do you want to document your surroundings and see it transformed into a global collaborative film?
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2.8 billion people, one in every three individuals worldwide have received that order to stay indoors and there will be many more in the coming days and weeks. It is a crisis that affects us all in distinct ways. The Covid-19 pandemic is exposing contradictions, inequalities, bringing to light humanity and demonstrating solidarity. It is a crisis that is very likely going to change the world, the economic and political system, and us individually.

#Confined is a collective non-profit project dedicated to producing a documentary about the consequences of the current Covid-19 crisis that is affecting everyone in very distinct ways.

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We want to contribute to this debate with a clear position against social inequalities and violence to resolve conflicts, demonstrating that the consequences of a pandemic are not distinguished between the poor and the rich, yet tend to affect those with less resources.

We encourage you to share your experience during the quarantine. Have you been able to stay indoors? Have you fallen ill and been able to receive assistance? Perhaps you have to go to work. Perhaps you don’t have a choice.

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How we will do it? A collective nonprofit project dedicated to produce a documentary about the consequences of the current pandemic. A global perspective and approach focused on the defense of human rights. The selected clips will be a part of a collaborative documentary that will premiere on-line and be distributed free of cost under the Creative Commons license.

All selected participants will be asked to sign an authorization form and will have their corresponding credit in the film (unless otherwise indicated). When you send us your video, share your name, where you live, motives and title of the clip.

— HD horizontal.
— 1980 x 1980

— Planos secuencia.
— Secuencias editadas no mayores a 2 min.
— Mensajes y testimonios.

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You are invited to produce short video clips and send them to by April 30th, 2020. When you send us your video, share your name, where you live, motives and title of the clip.

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#Confined, a way to express being shut in, seeks all individuals, creative and beyond, to openly and collectively share stories, show solidarity and respect, as well as remind each other that we will get through this together.
DocsMX appreciates Santiago Arau for his invaluable support in allowing us to use his photographs.
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