Little by little, with a gradual but sure step, we are retaking public spaces. Little by little we find ourselves in a constant reencounter with the world we left outside, and we are relearning to read it with everything we learned inside. what we learned inside. The world and its functioning as we knew it cannot continue the same and it depends on our actions where we direct the change.

During the uncertainty we have experienced, it is necessary to reinvent ourselves, change our perspective, embrace the change, and reflect what we have learned. It was through the metaphor of a kaleidoscope that we understood the function of the contemporary documentary genre. Watching and making non-fiction films are ways of exercising active eyesight. Take our gaze with both hands and turn it around until you perceive the different angles of life. Let us be surprised by everything that we had not observed.

Understand that we can connect with the outside world only to the same degree that we have connected with our inner world. Let those two worlds reflect, converse and teach us.

For this reason, in this sixteenth edition of the festival we turn our gaze. Inspired by diverse cultural and cinematographic expressions we imagine an art for a better world. We invite our audiences to observe and to be observed.

To empathize with those who, like us, are influencing the creation of new realities.

To perceive their reality from different latitudes and perspectives, and to be perceived from otherness.

To see the changing and restless world in which we live.

To see and be seen.