In 2016, the intention seed called DocsDF for ten years, changed. Since then, as DocsMX, we seize this change as an opportunity to re-name and recognize ourselves, to imagine several possible worlds and diverse forms of collaboration with our environment and with our peers.

In this way, DocsMX will be perceived as a manifest, as a permanent platform to exhibition, training and creation that shall be constructed every year among the people who feel summoned; it will be perceived as a stand, as an invitation to observe those who are around us, to understand what surrounds us.

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There have been many years since the International Documentary Film Festival of Mexico City emerged as a proposal; as a bet which considers the nonfiction cinema a filmography that raises new forms to expand and to apprehend different social, political and historical contexts; a cinema that considers attendees craving to live a collective and thoughtful experience, to live an encounter with the diverse, in spite of the current saturation and immediacy.

When we participate in such a festivity, such as DocsMX, an implicit agreement becomes explicit because multiple rhetorical and representation devices are activated through images and sounds, as extensions of the filmmakers presenting their documentary films, of the experts who share their knowledge, of the participants who will sum experiences. All of them are now shared with the spectators, with the attendants, with the people related to this celebration. To make an agreement through the cinematographic experience is one of the contributions that the festival employs to be part of the many voices that firmly express that another world is not only possible, but necessary.

Therefore, among many other reasons, we decided to change. However, the spirit of DocsMX is the same, as its intentions. We keep trusting that, through the collective transmission of knowledge, our labour can and must contribute to achieve an important social change; it can and must contribute to regenerate the social fabric; it can and must contribute to form participative and critic individuals, above all supportive and empathic individuals.

Then, feel welcomed to the permanent platform of exhibition, training and creation of documentary film.

Welcome to DocsMX, where everything is possible!