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We live in the information society, in the network society, in an interconnected world. However, we also live in mediation; in that of manufactured content, industrially and massively; in that of the unidirectional media, that take our homes and our leisure time without being able to respond, question and much less criticize.

In this multiscreen world, which offers us more and more ways to communicate, we are, paradoxically, more disconnected, more isolated in our individualisms and in our conversations generated by keyboards or the sound bites of the messages of voice, in our feelings expressed by emojis and in the prefabricated information ready to consume at a click away.

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To support the development of projects, to professionalize the film industry, to promote new productions and filmmakers are some of the strategic lines that supports, that inspires DocsMX, the permanent platform to exhibition, training and creation.

Decentralize the cultural offer, reach every corner of the country, and beyond our borders, more and better audio-visual content, disseminate and promote the national and international documentary genre are just some of the most important aims.

Strategic lines and targets that made possible what was necessary, the urgent, that made possible the decentralization and the internationalization of DocsMX and that will make possible in 2019 the celebration of the third edition of DocsValència Espai de No Ficció and DocsPuebla Espacio de cine documental, as well as DocsChihuahua and DocsXalapa first editions..

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Create a double-sided window: one side, to show and promote the Mexican documentary to know us better, to comprehend us better, on the other, to bring the most outstanding to Mexico, the most necessary of international production to broaden our horizons, to learn the world that surrounds us.

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A film festival that does not support the development of new projects, that does not encourage the filmmaking, that does not professionalize the industry, that does not involve the audience, for us is meaningless.

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Besides displaying and forming we love to produce. We love it because we firmly believe in the power of short films, in the charm of a brief format. There for, in only 13 editions we have produced 272 titles in the DocsMX, DocsPuebla, DocsZanate y Doctober challenges. We will keep on doing it, but now in Chihuahua and Xalapa.

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