We live in an interconnected world full of information and networks. We are surrounded by media; manufactured industrial and massive content, a single path that enters our homes and leisurely moments, that we are unable to respond to, question and much less criticize.

We live in a multiscreen world which offers infinite ways to communicate, while paradoxically, feeling more disconnected, isolating ourselves with online conversations, voice messages, emojis and expression through one simple click.

Fortunately, this globalized media ecosystem has offered more possibilities than inconveniences. We must celebrate diversity from local cultures and expose them to the world. Advanced media allows us to filter the news and stories that really matter to us, process the realities, and have direct contact with human beings. DocsMX, is a documentary film platform, which serves as a communication medium, not only for information, but also as a space for cultural gathering that brings possibilities together. Now more than ever in the 21st century we seek to create genuine, intimate, empathetic and solidary connections.

We are not only a film festival, rather a festival filled with stories, with more reason to see each other eye to eye. Film is a form of communication, an art that impulses conversation rather than impose. We invite spectators to join us with their ideas, without judgements about one another or our world.

We are a festival of real connections, of raw storytelling from Mexico and from all over the world. We have the power to interpret each film in our own way through conversation and create real connections. DocsMX is from us, for each one of us.